How to delete a smart folder in Finder

Recently, I have moved some of my folders from default partition to another partition. After that, one of my smart folder on the left side of my Finder didn’t work. I tried to remove and recreate it, but didn’t know how. Here’s the answer. It’s really simple.

  • Hold down command key and drag the smart folder you want to delete out of the Finder.

Isn’t that easy?! So many usages of Mac are really easy but sometimes we just don’t know how. Enjoy your Mac life~*

3 thoughts on “How to delete a smart folder in Finder

  1. The smart folder contains documents that I’ve placed in regular folders within Documents. When I deleted the smart folder, all the documents in it and in the “regular” folders were deleted as well. I was able to undo the delete and get the documents back but I still can’t delete the smart folder. How does one do that without deleting the documents?

  2. I clicked on smart folder by mistake and now all my folders contain my whole desktop. How to I get rid of this and return to my nice neat folders?

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